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COOP donates visors worth two million DKK

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Around 263,000 visors from Coop will now help Ghana contain the corona pandemic. It is the Danish organization Global Medical Aid that ensures that the visors arrive in Ghana.

During the corona crisis, there was a great need for visors that could protect employees and customers against the spread of infection, but the corona situation in Denmark is now so much under control that it is no longer necessary to have many visors in stock.

Therefore, Coop has decided to donate two million kroner worth of visors to the Danish humanitarian organization Global Medical Aid. The 263,000 visors will go on to Ghana in West Africa, where there is a lack of protective equipment, says Coop's managing director, Kræn Østergaard Nielsen.

"I am happy that we in Denmark have come through Corona fairly safely. I'm glad we don't have to wear visors anymore. And I am very happy that we can now help others who need the visors," says Kræn Østergaard Nielsen.

At Global Medical Aid, chairman Hans Frederik Dydensborg is also very happy about the much-needed donation.

"We are incredibly happy that Coop is taking responsibility for the development and wants to make a difference through this donation. Since 2010, we have built up a number of close collaborations with poor countries in Africa as well as Asia and the Middle East, and precisely here today there is a huge need for outside support for the fight against the pandemic," says Hans Frederik Dydensborg.

Wednesday 1 September 2021 at 11.30 AM the 263,000 visors - a total of 111 pallets - arrive at Global Medical Aid's warehouse in Skibby, Zealand. They are driven from Coop's warehouse in Odense.