Global Medical Aid


GMA´s guidelines for donation of medicine

  1. The specific medicines must be included in the recipient country’s national “List of Essential Drugs”. Further, the recipient must have formal authorization to import medicines and must accept full responsibility for payment of any customs duties or other taxes, imposed on delivery of the medicines in question.
  2. The recipient must certify that the medicines are expected to be used before expiry of the last date of use, and in general that the medicines will be subject to professional health staff handling only
  3. The recipient must certify that all medicines, not used before the last day of use will be subject to proper destruction. Further, the recipient or relevant authorities must issue a proper destruction certificate
  4. GMA will perform its own inspections of the handling of the donated medicines. In case that handling or storage conditions of the donated medicine have not been met, GMA reserves the right to terminate the cooperation, effective immediately.

GMA´s standards and conditions for donations are in accordance with WHO´s 2010 guidelines for donation of medicine, in particular §3.1.6, incl. exp. direct donations.

GMA is a non-profit humanitarian organization with all of its members working strictly on a volunteer basis.

Hospital equipment

  1. Equipment is supplied in a functional condition. The recipient must be capable of operating and repairing the equipment, and spare parts must be available.