Somaliland is situated in Somalia on the Horn of Africa. It is internationally recognised as an autonomous region of Somalia.

The Somali Civil War which slowly saw its beginnings in 1986 resulted in severe damage to Somalia’s economy and infrastructure. This led to Somaliland to declare independence from Somalia in 1991, but the country has yet to be recognized by any country in the world. Nonetheless, several foreign delegations have been sent to Hargeisa to establish foreign ties with the state.

The official currency of Somaliland has no official exchange rate and since the state isn't recognised, foreign donors have difficulties to provide aid. Thus, livestock such as cattle and remittances from Somalians abroad have become the driving force of the economy. Some of the unoffical exporting partners include Ethiopia, Djibouti and South Africa.
Capital: Hargeisa
Size: 137,600 square kilometers
Religion: Muslim 99.9% - Other 0.01 %
Population: 3,500,000
Government: Presidential Constitutional Republic
Infant Mortality Rate: 65.3 dead/1000 births
Hospital beds: N/A
Life Expectancy: 51 Years
Health Expenditure: N/A
Main Diseases: Hepatitis, Malaria, Typhoid Fever
Human Development Index Rank: N/A
Percentage of population living for less than $2 a day: N/A