Afghanistan lies in Eastern Asia and is a landlocked nation. Unfortunately, the nation has been a focal point of war for over three decades. 

The country obtained independence in 1919 after having been under British rule. A short experiment with democracy ended in 1973, and a Communist coup followed in 1978. The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan a year later in order to help the Communist followers. The Taliban later on gained control with large parts of Afghanistan, and the Western world, led by the United States of America, has since 2001 fought against the Taliban.

Afghanistan exports many edible nuts, grapes, raisins and knotted carpets. The economy is largely based on the secondary sector. Furthermore, the economy has been growing since the infusion of international aid.

Capital: Kabul
Size: 652,230 square kilometers
Religions: Islam 99 % - Other 1 %
Population: 29,835,392
Government: Islamic Republic

Infant Mortality Rate: 119.4 dead/1000 Births
Hospital Beds: 0.4 Beds/1000 People
Life Expectancy: 50.11 Years
Health Expenditure: 9.6 % of GDP
Main Diseases: Tuberculosis, Malaria, HIV/AIDS
Human Development Index: 175 out of 186

Percentage of population living for less than $2 a day: 36 %